Paper & Cardboard


Since 1989 Recycling Alternative has worked with a company now known as Cascades Recovery Inc. Once your paper or cardboard is collected from your business, it is brought back to RA to be sorted and baled in our warehouse to be shipped to processors.

Cardboard, mostly goes to a local plant, Norampac to be recycled. The zone boxes and desksides provide for our customers come from this plant, closing yet another local loop.


Trashbusting Factoid!

In the early days of recycling, the recycling plant where we delivered all our paper product occupied the big red farmhouse in the middle of False Creek, known as the Salt Building. That building is now the centre of the Olympic Village and was renovated to serve as the Athlete’s gathering place during the games. The SALT Building had been a recycling plant from 1980s to 1998 – a sign of the some of the changes in the ‘hood!