Community Involvement

Since the beginning of RA, one of our favourite things is to work with and support the amazing network of local community organizations

How do we do this? Well, while these groups are out there on the front lines doing their part to improve our local community, RA is always happy to get behind the scenes to help ensure their recycling and trashbusting efforts are as successful as their front line work.

Building Opportunities with Business

Since 2007 BOB has been guiding and supporting RA in our inclusive inner city hiring efforts.

Local Festivals

Everyone loves a great party! We love these festivals for ensuring they have their 3R’s in place while throwing a big bash!

Vancouver Folk Music Festival  Vancouver International Fringe Festival  Vancouver International Jazz Festival

Our Social Fabric

OSF is dedicated to keeping fabric out of the landfill. Check out one of their monthly sales – best deals in town!

Save On Meats

Save On Meats is making mammoth diversion efforts at their site, including all recyclables and food waste from their prep kitchens and restaurants. Super work!


Potluck was the first individual café/caterer to take the organics plunge by boldly adding food waste to their RA recycling program in 2009! Now that’s ahead of the curve!

Vancouver Farmers Market – Food Scrap Drop Spot

Being front line trash-busters, day in day out, we continually see opportunities to tackle and trouble shoot trash in innovative ways.

Such a case is our Food Scraps Collection which began as a pilot program in partnership with Farmers Markets. We waited for 2 years to piggy back our model of collecting food scraps from apartment residents and the opportunity to land the project came in the spring of 2011 in the way of a Greenest City Neighbourhood Grant from the City.

Farmers Market and Recycling Alternative created a DROP SPOT model, beginning at the West End Farmers Market and expanding to five other seasonal locations, Vancouver’s apartment residents have brought their food scraps in buckets, bags or bowls to our Drop Spots for composting.

Apartment residents are hungry to keep their food scraps out of the landfill and the response and engagement from the public has been enthusiastic to say the very least.

We will be tracking and reporting on diversion volumes as well as public engagement and suggestions to back to the City, to determine what possible models can be used to tackle the challenge of food scraps recycling for apartments.

The Drop Spot Team with Vancouver Mayor – Gregor Robertson

Donated & In Kind Services

EcoFashion Week Vancouver
Run For the Cure
Be the Change Earth Alliance
Maker Faire Vancouver
Vancouver International Fringe Festival
Vancouver Folk Music Festival